We manufacturing light, compact catamarans for fishing and recreation. 

Made according to Scandinavian accuracy and thoroughness from the highest quality materials and improved for many years, this catamaran will satisfy the wishes of the most demanding angler.

Extremely simple assembly / disassembly, transport and storage allow the angler to focus on fishing, instead of solutions of transportation, storage and reliability.




Fast assembly / disassembly



The mobile and compact catamaran for fishing, hunting or rest has been designed based on these criteria.


   ·         It does not require any additional investments, such as trailer and its registration, technical maintenance, etc.

   ·         No more trailers for transportation, as for plastic or massive rubber boats. Just place the catamaran to car trunk or on its roof.

   ·         No more headache about its storage – the box requires small space, thus it will fit in your cellar, balcony or storage place.

   ·         If you live in an apartment house and do not have where to dry the rubber boat, its service life shortens. Forget about boat drying! Catamaran is made of glass fibre and is resistant to moisture or cold.

   ·         Catamaran is durable. All metal parts are made of stainless steel. High-quality glass fibre is used, thus the catamaran is solid and lightweight.

   ·         Catamaran is resistant to moisture; its paint is resistant to UV rays and salt water.

   ·         Easy and fast assembly and disassembly. It takes 4 minutes if you do not rush. Experienced users can assemble it even faster.

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